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            Stanford University recently held an event in which guest lecturer Kyle Hawkins, Texas Solicitor General, was explaining the importance of repealing Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).  This event was held to highlight the legality of this policy and determine the course of border security moving into the future.  Unfortunately, a group of liberal students held a walk out rather than listening to the lecture.


The lecture hall was completely full and many perspective attendees were unable to attend due to the 75 percent of attendees that walked out five minutes into the lecture.  These types of events prevent those who wish to learn more about conservative points-of-view from attending.


One of the organizers claimed that it is not fair that illegal immigrant students have to worry about the citizenship process.  This type of mentality would allow any illegal immigrant to utilize American universities without any record that they are in the country.  It poses a risk to local and national security and these migrants must be forced to go through the immigration process.


This event was held by Stanford’s Federalist Society, and leftist professors were invited to counter any of Hawkins arguments to end DACA.  Unfortunately, these liberals choose to ignore the arguments and not participate in the event.  The liberal agenda is especially prevalent in higher education, and students are shamed for being openly conservative.


Americans United for Values commends those who have the courage to stand for the bedrock values that guide our country.  Liberals choose to ignore opposing points and attempt to silence the conservative voices, but the strength of these values will prevail.  Sign this petition today to show you care about the principles that built America!