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Come one, come all to the greatest show in Washington!Tuesday morning, the Senate Judiciary Committee began confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh. What typically is an orderly and respectful process within the walls of the Capitol building, the Kavanaugh hearings mirrored the opening act of a circus. Characterized from the beginning by a wave of protests and yelling from both Democratic Senators and protestors, the committee and Judge Kavanaugh both fought for the opportunity to speak as they were talked over and screamed at from every direction.

The back few rows in the hearing room are typically reserved for the public, on a first come basis from a line outside the Capitol.To many protestors’ luck, the line moved rather quickly on Tuesday as 70 arrests were made inside by Capitol Police. The quick turnover gave new faces the opportunity to listen to Kavanaugh’s opening statement and answers to the Senators’ questions – yet, no spectator actually seemed to be interested in what Kavanaugh had to say.

The Women’s March was one group whose members were well represented among protestors. In fact, their COO told USA Today that the group coordinated travel and lodging to members willing to go to DC to disrupt the hearing. Part of the package deal included ‘jail and bail support if necessary.’ This is nothing short of a coordinated effort to undermine our democratic system of confirming the President’s nominee   This behavior is exactly what we can expect from liberals who still refuse to accept the election results of 2016 – disrupting our system of law and fighting our law enforcement officers.

Even the Senators were fed up with the chaos. As several protestors begged Senate Democrats to “do their jobs” it was ironic that Senate Republicans were trying to do just that, amidst the interruptions. Senator Orrin Hatch said of one protestor,“I think we should have this loudmouth removed.”

Despite additional arrests and interruptions on Day 2, Senate Republicans (along with help from Capitol Police) are working to ensure Judge Kavanaugh is given the opportunity to be heard — a key pillar of our democratic system.

“A good judge must be an umpire – a neutral and impartial arbiter who favors no litigant or policy,”Kavanaugh said in his opening statement. Kavanaugh’s cool composure among the hot tempers from both Democratic Senators and progressive protestors shows the quality of someone who will make an excellent Supreme Court Justice.

Confirming Kavanaugh is necessary to prevent progressive Justices from pushing the liberal agenda.  We need a Supreme Court that respects the Constitution and holds our system of law to the highest standard – not one that plays politics. Don’t let this out-of-control circus speak for the millions of Americans who support Judge Kavanaugh! Join the fight to help #ConfirmKavanaugh.