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Abolishing ICE, opening the borders, abolishing the Department of Homeland Security…just when you think their outlandish ideas couldn’t get any more far-fetched, Democrats prove America wrong again. Now, far left activists in partnership with the Democratic Party want to abolish an everyday essential entity to life: the police departments.

The fact that there has to even be a conversation or debate around whether or not the police should be defunded shows how far gone liberal policies have devolved. Like most utopian policies pushed by the left, the policy idea has little specifics on how it would be carried out, but that isn’t stopping people from pushing the idea.


The idea behind defunding police is to “end police brutality” and redirect money that would go toward law enforcement to instead go to social programs. This would include anything from subsidized housing, cash reparations, universal healthcare, and more.


As the protests and riots have begun to lose their initial strength and numbers, they are now moving on to policy demands. And the policy demands from the left are using the murder of George Floyd to act as a cover for the same socialist policies voters have rejected time and time again.


The Black Lives Matter chapter of Los Angeles, the first official BLM chapter and one of the largest in the country, made clear where they stand in a tweet Friday from their official account.


“We don’t want to hug the police. We don’t want to kneel with the police. We don’t want to meet with the police. WE WANT TO DEFUND THE POLICE. #DefundThePolice #BlackLivesMatter.”


The activists advocating for defunding police departments fail to address how crime would be properly addressed with no police present. The hope by activists is that by pouring money into social programs, people will no longer desire to rob stores, harm others, or commit crimes.


The radical idea isn’t just a fantasy- it’s already a soon-to-be reality in some major American cities. The Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, announced this week that the LAPD will have more than $150 million cut from their budget. Despite having no ties to what happened in Minneapolis, cops in LA will have to suffer due to the virtue signaling done by the Mayor.


The left wants open borders, no police, and government run healthcare. There’s only one word to describe this madness: socialism.

Let’s make sure these disastrous policies remain a pipe dream in most of the country- donate today to Americans United for Values if you stand for freedom!