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NYPD police cruiser; LGBT police

An LGBT organization voted to ban NY police from this year’s “Pride Parade,” as well as cancel an LGBT police officer event.

Heritage of Pride, which hosts New York City’s annual LGBT Pride Parade, voted to ban police from taking part in the 2021 Pride Parade.

The organization even canceled the annual march of LGBT New York Police Department officers. They claim that the NYPD “represents … violence.”

“It is not clear whether Heritage of Pride has the authority to force law enforcement to draw down its presence at the parade, given that New York City has seen an increasing crime rate,” The Daily Wire reported.

Heritage of Pride’s co-chair told ABC News that the organization decided to part ways with the NYPD because the department represents “violence” to gay, lesbian and transgender people.

In response, a representative of NYPD’s Gay Officers Action League said: “GOAL called Heritage of Pride’s decision ‘shameful,’ and found its statement, which did not mention GOAL by name, ‘demoralizing’ and ‘dehumanizing.’”

Leftist LGBT groups do not represent the views of all LGBT-identifying people, and their anti-police agenda is a perfect example. While the police might represent “violence” to some progressive leftists, to many others they represent safety and security.

Americans must continue to push back against the far-left’s “defund the police” agenda and support the men and women of law enforcement.

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