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leftists, antifa flag and police

Far-left activists injured multiple free speech protestors and police officers over the weekend.

Apparent Antifa activists recently attacked a pro-free speech protest in San Francisco, injuring several protestors and police officers.

A group of pro-free speech protestors had gathered at United Nations Plaza to protest censorship by big tech companies, namely Facebook and Twitter. Over 100 left-wing activists showed up to the rally to counter-protest.

San Francisco police reported that the counter-protestors threw bottles “filled with an unknown liquid,” metal cans and eggs at the free speech protestors and at law enforcement officers.

“As officers escorted rally participants from the area, opposition protesters continued to act aggressively,” a police summary stated. “Several rally participants sustained non-life-threatening-injuries. Three San Francisco Police officers sustained non-life-threatening injuries when they were assaulted with pepper spray and caustic chemicals. One officer was transported to a local hospital for treatment.”

The rally organizer, Phillip Anderson, was also injured in the attack, apparently having his teeth knocked out after a left-wing activist punched him in the mouth.

“The violence needs to end,” he said, according to local news. “It has nothing to do with Donald Trump or anyone else. It has to do with free speech.”

The liberal party of “tolerance” and “political correctness” apparently has no issue inciting violence against people they disagree with. The violent ideals of Antifa and other leftist activist groups are in total contradiction to America’s values.

It’s our duty as citizens to defend free speech, promote peace and always oppose violence.

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