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The YouTube channel of Steven Crowder, who hosts “Louder With Crowder,” was recently demonitized by YouTube, following a spat between Steven Crowder and journalist for Vox, Carlos Maza. The move is a dangerous precedent for free speech, as Crowder is not considered extremist by even most on the left.


Vox, a nerdier version of Buzzfeed, puts out intellectual videos on YouTube as well as articles on popular social media sites. Vox has a heavy left wing bias, and Carlos Maza is the cheerleader for their liberal content on YouTube. For months, Steven Crowder has been critical of Maza and his ideas that are full of misleading content.


Steven Crowder is undoubtedly the most popular conservative on YouTube. His channel uses a blend of humor and political news to create an entertaining show similar to podcast format. Crowder is never considered “radical” as his mainstream conservative ideas are ones popular among Republicans and libertarians. YouTube was already wiping out highly controversial users, but now they’ve moved on to anyone who is conservative.


By demonetizing his channel, Steven Crowder is unable to make money from his videos. YouTube did not comment on how long the monetization suspension will be. Demonetizing a channel is one step away from banning it.


Carlos Maza has attempted to play the victim card throughout the whole situation, claiming his identification as homosexual and as a Latino man has put him under increased scrutiny from Crowder and his followers. In an article by Vox responding to the situation, the left wing media site claims that YouTube didn’t go far enough.


Crowder, who is very popular among young conservatives, is not radical. The radical one is Vox, who continues to work to censor anyone who opposes them. Just because Carlos Maza is upset that he was called a name, doesn’t mean that his opponent should be censored. Before we know it, all commentary will have to pass the gatekeepers of popular social media sites through a political filter of left wing content. We can’t sit by while conservatives continue to be silenced.


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