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L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti continues to make ridiculous COVID-19 restrictions and has gone as far as shutting off basic utilities at a private residence for partying.

    Mayor Garcetti authorized the city to disconnect power and water for throwing a party amid the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.  The use of this power shows that Mayor Garcetti will be abusive toward his citizens and their livelihoods.  Additionally, he quoted “flagrant violations” of the new public health orders.  


    The residents of this house are followed by millions of people on “TikTok”.  They have used this platform to gain support regarding the freedom to use their private residence in any way they desire.  


    These actions are setting a dangerous precedent for the future of Los Angeles and other areas of the country.  Many citizens are not in agreement with the stringent orders that have been placed across the country.  It appears to be an abuse of power and takes basic rights away from taxpaying Americans.  


    Additionally, Mayor Garcetti did not set a timeline for the restoration of the power and water to the party house.  Democratic leaders have continually shown that they will work to limit civil liberties without providing true service to their citizens.  It is time to stand against these ridiculous actions and fight for the freedoms that Americans deserve. 

If you believe Mayor Garcetti is abusing his power, Donate to  Americans United for Values today!