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 “Demonstrators for racial justice represent the best of our democratic ideals. The President’s unilateral deployment of federal forces betrays them — and does nothing to keep us safe. L.A. stands with our friends in Portland.” – Mayor Garcetti

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti voiced his support for violent rioting that is occurring in Portland. These riots have caused extremely large amounts of property damage and they have continued to escalate their violence. This has become a target for local and federal law enforcement, but liberal leaders continue to voice their support of the riots.

This “protesting” is a result of the Black Lives Matter movement, but it seems to have lost the original intention. Portland residents are being terrorized by continued attacks on public property. The city will likely need to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to rebuild, but these riots seemingly have no end in sight.

This support by the LA mayor is echoed by many Democratic leaders around the country. This is creating a culture that allows unlawful actions by protesters moving into the future. It is showing that cities with liberal leaders are not empowering their police and other forces that can prevent the violence.

Additionally, many federal buildings and other properties are being targeted. These are an attack against all taxpaying Americans, and it can continue to spread around the country. In Portland, they have also attacked federal officials including their police commissioner, who was assaulted when he attempted to ease tensions with the rioters.

Protesting and the excursion of First Amendment rights are important to American culture, and it allows for anyone to voice their opinions. However, rioting and violence should not be considered a “democratic ideal”. Mayor Garcetti is inviting crime into the Los Angeles community, and he should be held accountable personally for any effect that this has.

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