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Despite Kentucky Governor Blevin signing the “Bible Literacy” bill into law over 2 years ago, some Kentucky schools are fighting against Christiantiy and taking away students’ ability to learn about Biblical teachings.


Anderson County High had planned to offer a Bible course this Fall, but their parent/teacher council voted against the measure, expressing ‘concern’ over how the classes would be implemented, according to reporting by the Courier Journal.


The ACLU is creating fear among school districts, warning that Kentucky schools who teach the courses are violating the Constitution. “We continue to believe that Bible literacy courses have no place in our state’s public schools,” their statement says.


The bill’s original sponsor, Rep. D.J. Johnson disagrees: “The Bible really did set the foundation that our founding fathers used to develop documents like the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights. All of those came from principles from the Bible.” When the Kentucky General Assembly passed the bill 2 years ago, it was clear: the courses would be voluntary, and they’d be focused on learning the history of the Bible. They are not intended to develop into a devotions course during school hours, or a church service.


Kentucky’s Governor fought back against the idea that these classes would in some way violate the Constitution, or become ‘controversial.’ “The idea that we would not want this to be an option for people in school, that would be crazy. I don’t know why every state would not embrace this, why we as a nation would not embrace this.”


The fear-mongering left continues to work against Christianity and our freedom of speech. American students have every right to learn about the Bible’s teachings in schools, and we can’t let the Democrats SILENCE our values.


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