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Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear (D) released a new set of statewide coronavirus restrictions which include the closure of all indoor restaurants and bars, closing of in-person learning, and limits on at-home gatherings.  

Governor Beshear announced these new orders, but refused to refer to the new orders as a shutdown.  Furthermore, Beshear made claims that the state can continue to operate with an open economy.  Andy Beshear cannot have it both ways while Kentuckians are being forced into their homes for a second time.  

“This is not, and will not be, a shutdown. Our economy is open. But today we are announcing significant, but surgical and targeted steps designed to slow the spread of the virus and protect our people” 

-Governor Andy Beshear

Liberal politicians across the country continue to push for tighter restrictions on the economy and to take away the freedoms that Americans enjoy.  Governments are overstepping their boundaries by telling businesses to close their doors and offering no solution to the economic burden this will create.  The only plan to help these businesses a $10,000.00 per establishment relief that they can apply for.  This compensation will be the same for establishments of any size.  

Democrats are the first to allow rioting in the streets and celebration for political victories, but they refuse to allow the American economy to operate freely.  They want to force unrealistic lockdowns that can be compared to dictatorships of the past.  Americans deserve their freedoms, and these restrictions infringe on the Constitution. 

Donate to Americans United for Values to help protect your civil liberties!

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