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President Trump hosted a swearing-in ceremony on behalf of the Supreme Court nominee on Monday evening shortly after the United States Senate voted to confirm her.  

Justice Barrett is now the 3rd Trump nominee to be confirmed to the Supreme Court and will replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  “She is one of our nation’s most brilliant legal scholars and she will make an outstanding justice on the highest court in our land,”  President Trump said regarding Barrett.  


Justice Barrett is thought to confirm a 6-3 conservative lean on the Supreme Court, and her appointment also sets many milestones for the Court.  She is only the fifth woman to serve and is the first mother of school-aged children to sit on the court.  These characteristics will undoubtedly give her great perspective in her opinions in order to secure a future for her family.  


The reaction to the confirmation was split along party lines as many Democrats used their platforms to criticize and attack the process.  President Trump, along with Republican Senators fought an uphill battle to assure the proper confirmation process was able to take place.  


Justice Barrett made remarks at her confirmation ceremony regarding her excitement and honor she feels to serve in the country’s highest court.   “A judge declares independence, not only from Congress and the President but also from the private beliefs that might otherwise move her,” she said.  Americans can be proud to have Justice Amy Coney Barrett work to uphold the Constitution and maintain the traditional values that have built the United States of America.

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