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Joe Biden; Biden trans mandate

President Joe Biden is visiting Capitol hill to meet with House Democrats to beg for the passage of the $1.5 trillion infrastructure spending bill.  

Democrats have seen infighting regarding the passage of the #3.5 trillion entitlement bill and that has caused the infrastructure bill to be placed on hold as leverage by House Democrats.  Biden is desperate for some success as recent months have seen an economic downturn and the debacle in Afghanistan.  Apparently, the president sees the passage of the infrastructure bill as an opportunity.  


This bill has been placed on hold by House Democrats who are looking for Democrat senators to band together to pass the $3.5 trillion entitlement bill that is loaded with leftist policy.  President Joe Biden is calling for both bills to be swiftly passed through Congress, but he does not have any control over his own party.  


Polls indicate that the president’s approval rating is falling nearly every single day and many Americans do not believe he is able to accomplish anything.  The White House has been unable to work with powerful Democrats and there is major turmoil throughout the party.  Republicans overwhelmingly oppose the passage of both bills, and are clearly hoping for further distress within the party.  


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