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On his recent campaign swing in New Hampshire, sleepy Joe Biden seemed to be a little more than “sleepy.” The Washington Post ran a story under the headline “As He Campaigns for President, Joe Biden Tells a Moving, but False, Campaign Story.” In the story, Biden describes a moment where he traveled to Afghanistan to recognize a Navy Captain with a Silver Star for his heroic bravery in attempting to save a comrade. According to the “story”, the captain refused to accept the medal from Biden because he failed in saving his friend from death. “This is God’s truth,” Biden wrapped up the story saying. “My word as a Biden.”


Either Sleepy Joe Biden proved his memory is failing – or he must admit to openly lying about our troops.


The Washington Post rightfully blew the whistle on the fake story, writing: “The upshot: In the space of three minutes, Biden got the time period, the location, the heroic act, the type of medal, the military branch and the rank of the recipient wrong, as well as his own role in the ceremony.” According to multiple travel records, interviews with soldiers, and Biden staff over the years, it seems his misspoken tale was the result of 3-4 different stories all sewn together — including Biden’s days as a Senator, several different trips to various places in the Middle East, and a post-9/11 ceremony at the White House —  where he did in fact pin a soldier.


Confusing all these stories and servicemembers says one thing about Biden — he doesn’t show enough respect for our troops to get the story straight. In one sweeping motion, Biden fails to differentiate so many heroic acts of our nation’s bravest.


At his next stop in South Carolina and speaking to reports of the Post and Courier, Biden was asked if he conflated any details of the military story. Biden responded, “No, I don’t think so.” He doesn’t think he lied? Biden can’t even keep his scripted fake campaign stories straight — how does he expect America to take his Presidential run seriously? Biden also called the questions about his made up story “ridiculous.”


The irony of Biden attempting to play up his love for our troops just highlights the fact that Sleepy Joe doesn’t have a real record on anything that benefits our nation’s military. He just can’t measure up to our Commander in Chief’s strong record of results for our nation’s bravest. President Trump has raised our troops’ pay, updated their aging equipment, and given our military’s leaders more decision powers since taking office. In addition, President Trump signed the VA Mission Act into law to give Veterans more control over their healthcare. He’s advocated for heavy reforms to the VA system and forgiven disabled veterans’ student loan debt. President Trump has done more for our active duty military and veterans in 3 years than the Obama-Biden Administration did in 8!


We can’t allow Biden to run a campaign on his fake stories, inflating his campaign talking points to lie to the American people. Biden’s New Hampshire stop is more than a mishap — it’s a malicious attempt at political gain at the expense of the unfortunate experiences of our nation’s heroes abroad. We see right through it, Joe!


The United States of America deserves a President who runs on a record of real success for our troops.  If you want Joe Biden to stop exploiting military stories on the campaign trail – sign our petition!