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In the final Presidential Debate, Joe Biden made comments directly against the Oil industry and promised to take away federal subsidies from a part of the economy that employs nearly 10 million Americans. ​

Joe Biden leaned on “significant pollution” and a need to replace oil with renewable energy as his main reasons to shut down American oil production.  This would remove millions of jobs and he was unable to lay out a clear plan to replace the income for these workers.  President Trump emphasized the weight of this statement by the former Vice President.  


The American oil and gas industries employ nearly 6% of the workforce and have helped to reduce the cost of energy and gasoline for individual citizens.  Midwestern and Southern states would be significantly impacted by a shutdown of this industry, especially if there is not a plan to replace these jobs.  


Joe Biden attempted to walk back these comments by claiming that he is not opposed to fracking throughout the country.  In reality, Joe Biden used anti-fracking arguments throughout the entirety of the primary election cycle.  President Trump fact-checked these comments live and followed up with a tweet showing Biden’s opposition to the fracking industry.  


Joe Biden wants to destroy American industry without any plan or expectations for the millions of those who would remain jobless.  His plans are radical and he is leaning on the far-left media to constantly dig him out of hole.  Biden does not understand the needs of Americans and will be abused by his liberal cronies if elected in November.  

Donate to Americans united for Values today to protect American jobs!

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