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Representative Jim Jordan; Jim Jordan Fauci

Congressman Jim Jordan grilled Dr. Anthony Fauci on when Americans will have their freedoms returned.

Ohio Representative Jim Jordan recently slammed Dr. Anthony Fauci for failing to provide a timeline for resuming normal life post-COVID.

Fauci has claimed that Americans need to continue COVID precautions, such as wearing masks, social distancing and avoiding large gatherings. He said that the goal is to vaccinate as many people as possible to lower the number of COVID cases so that it’s not a “threat.”

“What determines when? What measure?” Rep. Jordan asked in response. “Are we just going to continue this forever? When, when do we get to the point, what measure, what standard, objective outcome, do we have to reach before Americans get their liberties and freedoms back?”

Fauci then responded by saying that he doesn’t see what’s going on as a “liberties issue,” only a “public health measure.”

The head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said that precautions should remain in place until the “level of infection” in the U.S. improves.

When Fauci referenced that his recommendations are based on CDC guidelines, Jordan responded and pointed out that the NIAID head has failed to provide specific metrics for when life can return to normal.

“We had ‘15 days to slow the spread’ turned into one year of lost liberty,” Rep. Jordan said. “What metrics, what measures, what has to happen before Americans get more freedoms?”

Jordan also mentioned that the Biden administration has restricted First Amendment rights by not allowing the press into Border Patrol facilities, apparently because of COVID.

A countless number of leaders like Dr. Fauci have used COVID to trample upon the rights of citizens for over a year. While the pandemic is certainly a public health concern, it is not an excuse for authoritarians to assault the liberties of the American people.

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