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Two Gunmen stormed through a Jersey City cemetery and convenience store during a shooting that ultimately led to four innocent deaths.  New Jersey has some of the strictest gun control laws across the entire country but these laws obviously failed during this shooting.  The loss of life is tragic, and gun control laws will inevitably be challenged as a result of this occurrence.


New Jersey gun laws include an “assault weapon” ban, a high capacity” magazine ban and a band on bump stocks and “ghost guns.”  These laws go against the traditional view on 2nd amendment rights, and liberals claim this leads to a safer society.  This shooting shows that these laws do not protect citizens, they only hinder the ability for people to protect themselves.


New Jersey also requires universal background checks and forces its citizens to obtain a firearm purchaser ID card before obtaining a long gun.  The attackers have been identified as David Anderson and Francine Graham, who are both New Jersey citizens.  Strict gun control laws did not prevent these attackers from gaining access to the firearms they used during the shooting.


The liberal media will take this shooting as an opportunity to attack gun rights.  They will push for even stricter gun control laws and further invade 2nd Amendment rights.  The loss of life is tragic, but the New Jersey attack proves that strict gun laws are not the answer to gun violence.