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Hourly compensation has risen by 7.2 percent throughout the first quarter of 2021 as millions of Americans remain unemployed around the country.  ​

Hourly compensation rates were expected to rise by less than five percent, but compensation rising above seven percent is causing Americans to remain out of work and rising costs for salary employees.  Inflation has dramatically risen as well, causing a drastic increase in the prices of food, gas, and other essential costs.  While hourly compensation rising is good for some workers, it has caused extreme inflation within the last three months.  


Joe Biden has not been able to decrease inflation and he has not been able to deliver jobs to the millions of Americans that are out of work.  These Americans deserve to add their skills to the workforce, but companies are not able to afford them as their costs continue to increase.  


Americans need employment and reasonable costs of living in order to survive and lead fulfilled lives.  The increase in inflation and lack of action by the federal government is quickly showing Americans that life is not better under the Biden administration.


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