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Money, credit cards and a calculator; inclusive program students

The far-left has once again proven that an “inclusive” program for students isn’t what it claims to be – it’s just racist.

Several New York universities are offering an “inclusive” summer accounting program for underrepresented high school students that doesn’t allow white students to apply.

The program is being hosted by: Ithaca College, Medgar Evers College, Rochester Institute of Technology, Siena College, St. John’s University, SUNY New Paltz, SUNY Oswego, the University at Buffalo and Westchester Community College.

Online applications for the program apparently only include options for Hispanic, Black, Asian and Native American students.

SUNY Oswego’s Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Scott Furlong said that the policy was set by the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants.

“While we do not participate in recruiting the student participants in COAP or in the setting of policy for student membership, SUNY Oswego would prefer a more inclusive perspective regarding membership in COAP and the NYSSCPA policy.” Furlong said, an inclusive perspective that would apparently “align with SUNY Oswego’s ethos that is rooted in diversity of thought and people, equitable practices and policies, and inclusive experiences.”

It seems that this accounting program is hiding under the guise of being geared toward disadvantaged students. But in reality, it is a divisive program that discriminates against students based on their race. This kind of policy is abhorrent and un-American.

We must be quick to stand up against all forms of racism and discrimination. Otherwise, the progressive left will only continue to divide us further with policies such as this.

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