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            Apprehensions by border agents along the Mexican border increased by 41 percent in June.  This reflects the second straight month of increased activity along the southern border as over 50,000 migrants have been apprehended since May.  Officials have stated that the adult males are the largest group among the migrants. 

            Additionally, these migrants are moving in large groups and are likely carrying COVID-19 into the southern United States.  Border Patrol officials are working diligently to prevent the many dangers that come with illegal migration, and they are doing what they can to protect themselves from the virus.


            This type of migration shows that there is a serious need for stronger border security in the form of physical barriers.  The construction of a border long wall will allow agents to more effectively protect the country from illegal immigration.  Migration control is so important to defend the country from the hidden enemy, COVID-19. 


            The Title 42 CDC order has allowed border agents to expedite the process of expelling illegal aliens back into Mexico.  This order is intended to minimize the spread of coronavirus, but the border continues to see increases in apprehensions.  Border Agents have said that they only hold 200 individuals in custody at a time compared to 3,400 during normal times. 


            Illegal migration is a serious threat to American lives and the values that many Americans support.  It is so important to control the influx of illegal aliens into the United States.  Precautions such as a strong border patrol and continued development of a physical border wall will help to protect the essence of American lives. 

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