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Rape committed by illegal aliens is running rampant in Maryland. An illegal immigrant was charged with rape in Montgomery County, Maryland this past week, becoming the ninth illegal alien in the sanctuary county since late July to be charged with such charges. Josue Gomez-Gonzalez accused of raping a woman who was beyond intoxicated.


Gomez-Gonzalez forced himself on the woman while they were in the car, and then took advantage of her intoxicated state to rape her. She woke up with excruciating vaginal pain and contacted police, who were able to determine that she was in fact raped. The illegal alien ended up admitting to police what he had done to the girl.


Gomez-Gonzalez had multiple traffic violations, but authorities never did anything to report him to immigration authorities, even though they knew he was here illegally. Local authorities were complicit, as well as the local politicians that passed the laws protecting illegal immigrants.


Montgomery County, Maryland cares more about protecting dangerous illegals than everyday citizens. The politicians in Maryland have blood on their hands. The politicians and authorities in Maryland let the rape committed by Gomez-Gonzalez happen. And they will continue to let it happen, all in the name of justice.


Dangerous crime, especially rape, is clearly a problem in Montgomery County, Maryland but local authorities are doing nothing but showing up after the crime. It’s about time we return to the standard that if you are in this country illegally, you must be deported. This is based on American national laws that have always been in place.


Along with a wall, following the law is necessary to curb illegal immigration. What good is it to even have laws in place about immigration if authorities will knowingly let those illegals who commit crimes, go? Liberal states like Maryland won’t let ICE do their job, and are letting illegals get away with despicable crimes!


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