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President Trump has taken a strong stand against illegal immigration during his presidency. But unfortunately, some have still slipped through the cracks. Juan Balderas Chimalhua, a 49 year old illegal alien, is being held in Alabama without bond for raping a minor under the age of 16.


Chimalhua was arrested for a traffic violation in 2010, but paid his bond and was released. Authorities did not contact federal authorities, and Chimalhua was not deported. Now, ICE has placed a hold on the man, opening up the possibility of deportation.


Crimes committed by illegal aliens have been prevalent lately, as just last week another illegal alien in Alabama, Jorge Ruiz, was convicted for murdering a nurse. She was driving home from work when a slightly intoxicated illegal alien was coming home from a party and drove across the highway to kill Marlena Hayes, of Alabama.


The rape of the minor and the death of the nurse are crimes that should have never happened. Neither Chimalhua or Ruiz should have been allowed to stay in the country as long as they did. Marlena Hayes was 30 and had her whole life ahead of her. The minor who was raped in Alabama will live with the traumatizing experience the rest of her life.


The two crimes highlight the desperate need for a fortified border wall. Luckily, the Supreme Court just granted the Trump administration the go ahead for using funds to build the wall. The existing immigration laws need to be enforced more too, as local authorities have a responsibility to report illegals that have been arrested.


Americans United for Values stands for LEGAL immigration. Enforcing current laws is necessary. The democrats are advocating for open borders; the time to put the foot down is now so more innocent lives aren’t lost to illegal aliens!