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It’s Memorial Day weekend! Between the cookouts, pool openings, and sales it’s easy to say a quick thanks to men and women in uniform and carry on with our days.


But Memorial Day is about remembering the fallen — those who have given the ultimate sacrifice so we can defend the American values of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness around the world.


Today, we have people living in our own country that contradict our values daily. They fight to make hard work, like getting a college education or finding a good paying job, something that everyone should equally be handed. They fight to make it a right to allow doctors to determine who should die and who should live. We believe life isn’t something to be taken for granted, success is earned, and hard work is in the DNA of every American.


These are the values that unite us as a Nation. These values are what each soldier in uniform fights for around the world — often knowing that they are fighting to defend the rights of many Americans who take our values for granted.


Today, we remember those warriors who didn’t make it home. We thank them for their service to our country and for their unwavering willingness to protect our rights – even when some in our country fight to undermine them.


Instead of simply sharing a post on Facebook and continuing on with our Memorial Day weekend celebrations, let’s be Americans worth fighting for, every day of the year.


On behalf of Americans United for Values, Happy Memorial Day.


Fighting for our values isn’t easy, it takes hard work and patriots like you to take on the socialist Democrats who want to undermine us. Donate to Americans United for Values today to help ensure we can pass American values onto the next generation!