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Over 680 illegal aliens were detained and arrested Wednesday across six different cities in the state of Mississippi. Chicken plants across Mississippi were found willfully and unlawfully employing people without proper documentation, which led to ICE targeting the plants.


In what’s being described as the largest single state immigration enforcement operation in nation history, the arrests came as a result of administrative and criminal search warrants executed by Homeland Security investigations. The plants had been getting away with shady operations for a while.


Managers and administrative workers at the plants had been allowing workers to get by using fake documents, and ignored many state guidelines regarding employment verification information. The House Oversight Committee sent a letter to Attorney General Barr asking him to look into holding those responsible who chose to ignore the law employing the illegal aliens.


In a news conference following the raids, ICE Director Matthew Albence said that those arrested will be deported, prosecuted for crimes, or released after immigration court hearings. Democrats decried the raids in the wake of the El Paso shooting, but ICE was simply executing American laws.


ICE and immigration authorities are finally able to do their job. It is illegal to be in the country for months or years without proper documentation, but to ignore the law and hire those who you know aren’t legal is a blatant disrespect of the law.


Americans United for Values stands with the brave men and women of ICE who face constant criticism by the left for simply doing their job. Clearly, carrying out the immigration laws already in place is enough to infuriate Democrats. If you stand with the men and women of ICE too, sign our petition today!