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ICE ran a six-day operation in cities across Texas and Oklahoma in late September.  These migrants were arrested and taken into custody by ICE officials with help from local law enforcement.  OF the 94 migrants arrested, 69 of them had criminal backgrounds.  These individuals had criminal histories for a variety of crimes, including assault and numerous types of sexual misconduct with minors.    Migrants came from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, India, Malaysia, and Nicaragua.


ICE has been working incredibly hard across the country to make sure that immigrants are here legally.  These agents are also looking for ways to target the highest risk migrants that are a danger to society. Southern states are becoming more aware of migrants and the potential danger that is presented by allowing undocumented individuals to maintain residency in the United States.


This section of ICE that conducted this operation is known as Enforcement and Removal Operations, or ERO.  ERO works in communities to detect law breaking migrants and execute strategic programs to rid the country of dangerous individuals.  ERO officers are becoming more important to our communities, as they help to ensure migrants cannot remain in the country.


“ERO enforces the nation’s civil immigration laws with direct significance for our national security, public safety, border integrity and immigration controls”

-ICE San Antonio Field Office Director Daniel A. Bible


The federal government is helping to secure our borders and ensure our communities have the tools required to handle dangerous migrants.   ERO is the branch of ICE that fights for the safety of American citizens, and they have been able to work more efficiently.  Sign Up to show you support immigration control and the safety of U.S. Citizens!