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            The house voted to grant an amnesty for illegal alien farmworkers, incentivizing companies to hire more H-2A visa workers rather than Americans.  The vote also subsidizes farm companies that hire these non-American workers.  The subsides include pay decreases, housing, and even gives companies the chance to give illegal aliens a chance for citizenship.


This vote goes against Americans working in the farming industry, and house democrats are allowing those citizens to suffer.  This is a gift to the corporations that control American farming.  Immigration control is very important in the working sector of the American economy.  It is important to maintain control in this sector and avoid allowing illegal workers to become the main source of employment in these types of hobs.


The Amnesty agreement effectively gives a free pass to an estimated one million illegal workers.  This will allow for an increase in non-American employees and completely ignores the “Hire American” movement that is led by President Trump.


Logistically, the bill also adds caps to the wage growth of H-2A workers.  This gives farming companies a guarantee for cheap labor that is not associated with American citizenship.  This gives more incentive for illegal immigration and decreases the chance for fair wages for American citizens.


Americans deserve legislation that benefits themselves.  Allowing for illegal aliens to come into the United States, take jobs, and potentially gain citizenship is anti-American.  Liberal representatives have proven they will ignore the good of American workers.  Americans United for Values stands for US citizens! Sign our petition below to show you believe in the American people!