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House Democrats are pushing for President Joe Biden to end migration controls at the United States-Mexico border to help ease the spread of COVID-19 across Latin America. 

Former President Trump imposed a CDC order to allow border patrol agencies to quickly deport migrants back to their home countries in order to prevent increased spread within the United States.  House Democrats are looking to end this order because they are worried about the spread in those countries.  It is clear that these lawmakers are placing foreign migrants and their safety above that of American citizens.  

“At a time when travel is restricted worldwide, and we are observing the emergence of multiple alarming COVID-19 variants, continued expulsions and deportations threaten to export the virus to already vulnerable nations,” House Democrats wrote to the Department of homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.  

This push for increased migration into the United States is clearly a political play by the far-left.  They have been pushing for weak borders and increased illegal immigration for years, and Joe Biden may unleash that agenda.  This would lead to many security risks for the country outside of just the spread of COVID-19.  

The Trump administration put regulations in place to help ease the pressure the COVID-19 pandemic placed on the livelihood of American citizens.  Currently, Biden is slowly ending the Remain in Mexico program, but the House is pushing for him to open the floodgates to save foreign countries.

House Democrats are risking American lives and safety to allow illegal migrants to enter the United States in record numbers. Donate to Americans United for Values to help fight for strong borders!

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