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U.S. Border Patrol officer with flags; Democrats immigration enforcement

As the southern border crisis reaches new levels, House Democrats want to defund immigration enforcement.

House Democrats recently proposed a new spending bill that would cut funding to immigration enforcement agencies and remove funds allocated to the border wall.

The bill allocates $14.1 billion in net funding to Customs and Border Protection, $927 million less than the previous year, according to a press release from the House Committee on Appropriations. The bill also removes $2.1 billion that was intended to fund the border wall, and it allocates no additional funding for Border Patrol agents.

Meanwhile, border encounters hit a two-decade high in May, according to CBP data. And the Biden administration has continued to dodge the issue, blaming Trump and even the media for the border crisis.

As Biden continues to avoid the border crisis, House Democrats are adding fuel to the fire by withholding crucial funds to Border Patrol agents and facilities. If we want to start fixing the border crisis, allocating necessary funds to the border would be a good place to start.

In June, Texas Governor Greg Abbott revealed a state-led plan to enforce immigration laws and build a border wall. Other Republican-led states then announced that they will send officers to help secure the border in Texas. Thankfully, these conservative leaders are doing what Democrats are failing to do.

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