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Hillary Clinton, in true liberal fashion, wrote on Twitter that when abortion access is limited, ‘women die.’ What she failed to grasp is that when abortion access is freely provided, another larger group of Americans is guaranteed to die.

What Clinton also fails to do is provide facts. There is no evidence that says women’s mortality rates will increase without abortion access. In fact, there is evidence for the contrary. According to a case study in Poland, the motherhood mortality rate actually dropped drastically after Poland began passing legislation protecting unborn infants and changed their previous “abortion on demand” legislation.

There is actually a correlation between countries passing pro-life legislation and a decrease in motherhood mortality rates, according to data by the World Bank. This pattern was seen not only in Poland, but also in more than six other countries.

Anyone who believes Hillary’s comments falls victim to the narrative abortion companies want the American public to think – that they exist to help women. The abortion industry is all about profit – not women’s health and wellbeing. Hillary Clinton’s comments are disguised with concern for women, with no corroborating evidence to back up her exaggerated claim. One fact that isn’t exaggerated or disputed though, is that abortions may not kill women but they do kill infants.

Clinton’s Twitter comments come as she lobbies against the several states who have voted for 6-week abortion bans, namely those that prohibit abortion after a baby’s heartbeat is detected.

Ohio, Florida, and Georgia have all passed Heartbeat bills through both houses, and await Governors’ signatures. Iowa, Arkansas, North Dakota, and Kentucky have all passed Heartbeat legislation that was met with legal challenges due to constitutionality. Heartbeat bills challenge the precedent of Roe v. Wade, granting abortion access. We can expect a Supreme Court ruling on Heartbeat Bills in the near future as states continue to pass legislation varying on the extremes of abortion – from pro-life states that limit abortion at the point of heartbeat detection, to anti-life states who allow for withholding of an infant’s medical care if they are born as a result of a botched abortion.

Hillary Clinton will do anything to convince the American public that abortions are safe and necessary, but using the exaggerated claim that women will die without abortions is not only dishonest, but it fails to acknowledge the only group abortion actively seeks to kill – the unborn infants.