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herschel walker speaking

The former football star called for fairness in the NFL as players protest and the league considers broadcasting social injustice content.

Former NFL star Herschel Walker, who spoke at the Republican National Convention, said Sunday that he hopes the NFL “will bring both sides together.”

His statements were made after several NFL teams canceled practice as athletes protest what they see as racial injustice. According to ESPN, the NFL also announced that they are planning to broadcast “extensive content” about social injustice during Week 1 of the regular season.

“I hope this is not slanted only to support the Democratic side,” Walker told Fox News.

“This president, this administration, he has reached out to say, ‘Hey, come meet, let’s meet, let’s talk,’ but no one has decided to do it so I’m praying that that’s what they’re going to do,” he added.

Walker mentioned that Senator Tim Scott had said Democrats “didn’t even want to meet” for discussions around the Republican-led Senate bill on police reform.

Last week, Walker spoke at the RNC in support of President Trump, who he has been friends with for over 30 years. He said on Sunday that he did it because he wanted to give people the truth before they go to the polls to vote. He added that the Trump administration has been under heavy criticism no matter what they do.

Walker added that what President Trump has “done for African Americans is far better than Biden who’s been in office for 47 years.”

When asked about a Biden campaign ad blaming Trump for the cancellation of sports this fall, Walker said that there shouldn’t be a blame game at all.

“People have to come together and communicate, which they have not wanted to do that at all and that’s what’s sad,” he said.

Our success as a nation depends on our ability to have discussions and uphold free speech. If the NFL decides to present a one-sided opinion, as Walker pointed out, it will be much more difficult for us to come together as Americans and continue building an increasingly prosperous nation.

Herschel Walker is yet another example of how we as Americans don’t need to be politicians in order to be sensible when it comes to these issues.

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