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Last fall on October 6th, the Senate took a vote to officially confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court after a grueling and partisan battle with Senate Democrats.


The Democrats were prepared to ruin the Judge’s name, threaten his family, and lie about his past in order to keep the President’s pick off the Supreme Court bench.


Thankfully, the American people saw right through the circus act the Democrats were conducting. The Senate’s role is this process is to advise and consent — not destroy based on partisan politics.


Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer vowed to ‘oppose Kavanaugh with everything he’s got,’ just minutes after Kavanaugh’s name was announced — and before he even heard one word of Kavanaugh’s testimony. Schumer also touted that Kavanaugh’s appointment fulfills two of President Trump’s campaign promises: ‘to undo women’s reproductive freedoms and undo the ACA.’


The Trump Administration fights for life for all Americans and understands the many negative implications ‘free healthcare for all’ imposes on taxpayers — yet, in choosing Kavanaugh, President Trump appointed an upstanding, honorable Judge who upholds our Constitutional rights. The Democrats seem to forget that all are innocent until proven guilty — demonstrating they truly don’t respect our Constitution.


Their organized attempt to take down Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination shows us the Democrats can’t be trusted to uphold our American values and Constitutional rights. We’re thrilled to rest assured — Judge Kavanaugh understands our values and fights against the Democrats’ Court-packing scheme to legislate their way through the Courts.


Join us in wishing Judge Kavanaugh and his family a happy and blessed One Year Anniversary on the highest Court in the land.


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