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Governor Andrew Cuomo with COVID-19 mask; nursing home scandal

Amid concerns over his nursing home scandal, NY Governor Cuomo blamed a “void” that allowed the spread of “conspiracy theories.”

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently blamed the spread of “conspiracy theories” and a “toxic political environment” amid a scandal over his administration’s handling of nursing homes during COVID-19.

When asked if he felt the need to apologize, Cuomo said his team’s failure to address the public’s concerns created a “void” that allowed the spread of “conspiracy theories.”

“In his first press conference since reports surfaced that his office underreported or withheld critical information on nursing home deaths during the coronavirus pandemic, Cuomo said all relevant information was ‘fully, publicly and accurately reported,’” Fox News reported.  

“The numbers were the numbers, always,” Cuomo said. “People did request information beyond the place of death, not just where they how many in a nursing home, not just how many in a hospital. They did request different categorizations beyond those counts.”

Ironically, Cuomo also admitted that his administration should have provided more information to the public.

Last month, New York Attorney General Letitia James said that the number of deaths in nursing homes was undercounted by as much as 50%. Secretary to the Governor Melissa DeRosa also allegedly confessed to a cover-up while talking with Democrat lawmakers in New York.

During a press conference, Cuomo claimed that there was “nothing to investigate.”

Despite everything he said, Cuomo mentioned nothing about his own policies that allowed care facilities to accept infected staff workers and seniors. While many Americans are calling Governor Cuomo a “hero” during the COVID-19 pandemic, his mishandling of the virus is inexcusable.

Democrats like Governor Cuomo have done next to nothing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, while also placing oppressive rules and restrictions on their citizens. We cannot let ineffective leaders continue to mishandle COVID-19 and threaten the safety of the American people.

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