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This week, the Supreme Court handed down an important conservative win – the U.S. government continues to be able to detain illegal immigrants with criminal records while they await deportation hearings.

This law was challenged by two illegal immigrants, claiming that after they were released from jail for serving criminal charges of drug possession and controlled substance manufacturing – they should have been awarded a second hearing before ICE detained them. The Trump Administration argued the government should have the ability to detain criminally-convicted illegals at any time – with or without a second hearing.

In a narrow 5-4 win, all five conservative Justices won out in part due to the votes of new Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh.  The dissent was led by Justice Breyer who warned that Supreme Court’s conservatives violated ‘basic American legal values’ by excluding illegal aliens from due process. But due process, a traditionally championed value of America, was intended for Americans – not for those who enter into our country illegally and precede to violate even more of our laws. The Trump Administration is right to detain illegals with proven criminal records – a danger to society.

This case shows the importance of Supreme Court appointments and keeping the Court from being politicized by the radical Democrats. President Trump appointed two incredibly qualified and principled justices to the court to ensure our laws will be upheld properly. This win for conservatives demonstrates a real impact on our system of law: radical Democratic policies, like allowing criminally-convicted illegal aliens on the streets, won’t be tolerated.

Thanks to the Supreme Court for this important win and to the five conservative justices who voted to keep our country safe!