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Representative Ronny Jackson (R-TX) spoke out against the door-to-door vaccination effort that is being pushed by the White House.

Rep. Jackson said that the Biden administration “does not have the right and it is none of their business” to tell Americans they have to get vaccinated.  He went on to call out the fundamental overstep by the White house for initiating this campaign.  This effort is an attack on the personal rights of Americans.  


“It’s not the goal of the government, it’s not the job of the government, it shouldn’t be the goal of the government to mandate whether or not we get this vaccine,” Jackson said.  Biden is looking to impede on the medical decisions of American households and is wasting taxpayer resources to complete the initiative.  


Joe Biden and the left are clearly attempting to control the lives of Americans and are appearing to become more Socialist than ever.  The personal choice on whether or not to get a vaccine should be held by individuals, and the government should not meddle with these rights.  


The Biden administration has forced Americans to endure a much lower standard of living while still attempting to control the personal lives of citizens.  These are causing fundamentally flawed initiatives and massive overreaches by the Federal government.

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