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In an age where individual values are constantly attacked and berated, there is a new focal point, masculinity. Gillette released an ad last week that marginalized manliness and catered to the “Me Too” movement. The controversial ad contained scenes of men idly standing around a grill saying, “Boys will be boys.”, while one child beats up another child, a woman speaking during a meeting where another man says, “I think what she meant to say was…”, and other clips of men exhibiting machismo behaviors.


At face value the scenes don’t seem to exhibit anything too controversial, but the entire ad is made up of individual examples where men are not doing enough. Gillette sends a powerful message that men are to blame for any problems associated with violence, sexism, sexual harassment, or bullying. The 1 minute and 49 second commercial has received massive amounts of criticism by men who are not happy with being portrayed as masterminds behind bad behavior.


“I’ve been buying Gillette products for 55 years … no more. I glean from this that most men are dogs, that is simply not true,”, One person wrote.

Others are quick to say that “If you’re offended by the ad then you are the problem”. Apparently if you believe men aren’t inherently void of values then you are to blame for all of the problems in the world.


It has become a popular trend to blame men for many problems in today’s society and Gillette was quick to get on board with Social Justice Warriors in an attempt to sell more product, but it turns out that America wasn’t as willing to promptly blame men for issues in the world. It is ill-mannered and extremely impolite to broadcast to the entire world that for every violent act, sexist remark, or undisciplined child, there is a man eagarly sitting around condoning the behavior.


It is the responsibility of every man and woman to forbid misconduct and cultivate children of the highest quality and virtue without placing broad accusations towards an individual group in society. The controversial ad was quick to point out that, “Men can do more.”, which puts men at the focal point of societal problems. The ad can be prejudicial to woman who witness negative behaviors but are told not to interject because it is the responsibility of men to fix it.


It is the duty of all people in The United States to condemn immorality and wrongdoing regardless of gender. The battle is between good versus evil, not good versus men.


“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.”

-Martin Luther King, Jr.