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Georgia Gov. Brain Kemp made the decision to stop local governments from enforcing mask mandates with jail time. The Republican governor made the decision and emphasized that “government is not going to be the answer to all people’s problems.” This is a positive step for freedom, and it promotes more personal responsibility rather than harsh government regulations being enforced in liberal states.

            Gov. Kemp showed that he has confidence in the people of Georgia to make responsible decisions to help control the recent spike in COVID-19 cases.  This is a total contradiction to the  economy killing practices that are being enforced in states like California.  This will allow Georgia to remain open, and give citizens the right to exercise their civil liberties. 


            Kemp did voice his concerns for his citizens, and he urged everyone in the state to wear masks and maintain the recommended social distancing protocols.  This will help the state to do their part in keeping coronavirus cases under control.  He is not going to allow local governments to put citizens in jail and charges with crimes based on an article of clothing. 


            These actions are controversial and bring up many questions around the country, but it does help question the attack on civil liberties being spearheaded by liberal politicians.  They are using law enforcement to control their citizens.  The American people have been put through government lockdowns, job loss, and many other horrible things based on the virus.  Governor Kemp is attempting to break the negative trends and give his constituents their rights. 


            Americans United for Values supports the freedoms that are essential to all Americans.  These types of actions will be vital to the restoration of normalcy as the country  continues to recover from the COVID-19 impact.  Show your support for conservative values and civil liberties by donating today!