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Georgia Democratic senatorial candidate Jon Ossoff

Following a stint as a national security adviser, Georgia Democratic senatorial candidate Jon Ossoff boosted a Chinese propaganda news source.

Georgia Democratic senatorial candidate Jon Ossoff tweeted in 2012 that his followers on Twitter should read Xinhua News Agency, a Chinese Communist Party-run propaganda outlet.

Ossoff tweeted a link to the agency about two and a half months after he left the office of Representative Hank Johnson, where he was apparently given top-secret security clearance as a “national security aide.”

The Free Beacon also reported that Ossoff quietly disclosed receiving a payment from a Chinese-backed media giant.

Earlier this year, the U.S. State Department named five news organizations, including Xinhua News Agency, as “foreign missions.”

“We’re making this designation based on the very indisputable fact that all five of these [agencies] are subject to the control of the Chinese Government,” officials said. “Obviously, the Chinese Communist Party has always had a pretty tight rein on media in general and state-run media in particular, but that has only further tightened since Xi Jinping took over.”

America needs leaders who are not afraid to stand up to the Chinese communist government. We must protect our citizens from their dangerous and wrongful tactics. Democrats like Jon Ossoff are part of the problem that has allowed us to become complicit.

After China’s cover-up of the coronavirus this year, we can’t afford to let them get away with deceiving the U.S. and the rest of the world through their control of the media.

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