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Georgia Senate Candidate Jon Ossoff (D-GA) claimed that a payment from a Chinese Communist Party linked company during his financial disclosures was due to a “paperwork oversight.”

A political ad was released that exposed the payment from communist linked organizations to Jon Ossoff’s Senate campaign.  It is clear that the dirty Chinese money was intentionally hidden within the financial disclosures that were required to be released by the Senate candidates.  Additionally, there were thousands of dollars that were unaccounted for that have yet to be discovered.

It is clear that the Democrats are lining their pockets with Chinese money in order to further their far-left agendas.  They are promising to give China jobs and reduce economic productivity within the United States.  The livelihood of American industry will be killed by these liberal politicians that take bribes from foreign entities.

Ossoff is part of one of the key senate races that will decide the control of the United States Senate.  It is important for republicans to retain control so that Democrats cannot tear apart the entire country.  China is ready to take advantage of weak Democrats and regain the horrible trade deals that were established before the Trump administration.

Jon Ossoff will hide his shady dealings from the American public, and he will help to destroy the strength of the nation.  China is working with American liberals in order to regain economic domination of the past.  Americans cannot afford to let these traitors take control of the country!

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