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The Fourth of July is one of the most important days of the year for an American citizen, and COVID-19 cannot rip that way from the nation. Traditional barbecues, firework displays, and other events may not look the same this year, but Americans will carry on with other kinds of celebrations. This is about honoring the history of the nation, and recognizing the freedoms that are given to American citizens.

            COVID-19 has caused major impacts into the economic, social, and political framework of the country, but Americans have shown that unity is more important than ever before.  Many communities have made plans to hold events with social distancing guidelines and other safety measures being taken to protect their citizens.  These events will help to show a sense of normalcy in a time where “normal” has changed. 


            The American soldiers that have continued to work to protect the country throughout the pandemic look to the Fourth of July for motivation and proof that they protect the fabric of the nation.  Additionally, local service men and women will be working to protect historic monuments and other important sites that honor the history of the country.  These heroes deserve the utmost respect from the country, and this Fourth of July is a great opportunity to say thank you.


            The national holiday is a great opportunity to unify Americans of different backgrounds and beliefs.  These events also place stress on the traditional values that have guided the country since its inception in 1776.  Unity of all Americans can be seen in these celebrations, and continued prosperity relies on these connections. 


            Americans United for Values respects the meaning behind the Fourth of July and stands for the celebrations that will be taken by Americans this year.  While the traditional events may be canceled or look different, the semblance of the day will help to show the strength of the nation.  

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