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john kasich speaking

Kasich and a handful of other Republicans have decided to speak at the Democratic National Convention in opposition to Trump.

Former Ohio Gov. John Kasich spoke at the Democratic National Convention Monday, encouraging fellow Republicans to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in November.

Kasich, who has been openly critical of President Trump, said that many Americans have been concerned about the “current path we’ve been following for the past four years.”

“It’s a path that’s led to division, dysfunction, irresponsibility and growing vitriol between our citizens,” Kasich said. “Continuing to follow that path will have terrible consequences for America’s soul because we’re being taken down the wrong road by a president who has pitted one against the other.”

A total of four Republicans were set to speak at the DNC: Kasich, former Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman, former New York representative Susan Molinari and former New Jersey governor Christine Todd Whitman. Their portion of the DNC was named “We The People Putting Country Over Party.”

Records also show that Meg Whitman donated over $500,000 to the Biden Victory Fund in June.

Former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer told Fox News that changes in both the Democratic and Republican party could explain why Kasich and others opted to participate in the DNC. He said that Republicans have increasingly become more “blue-collar” and “working class”, and Democrats have increasingly become “a college-educated party.”

Fleischer said that Kasich’s speech was likely geared toward college-educated Republicans unsure of staying within the party.

Kasich and others like him seemed to have comprised their beliefs by supporting Biden. They are choosing to vote for a Democratic candidate, which – for the Republicans who oppose Trump – is a desperate and uncertain solution. Kasich has taken this compromise even further by encouraging millions of others to vote for Biden.

The American people should always stand by their values and not compromise them in the face of a major presidential election.​

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