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Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren has always been hell bent on implementing her socialist agenda into American political policies. But after the tragedies last weekend in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, she has released a new set of initiatives targeting the second amendment. Her plan includes higher taxes for gun manufacturers, waiting periods for guns, and investigations into the National Rifle Association.


Warren’s anti-second amendment plan is highlighted around the goal of reducing gun deaths by 80%. If elected president (which will never happen), she plans to carry out her goals through executive orders and legislation. Pocahontas called for the end of the filibuster in the Senate, which would silence opposition to her gun agenda.


“Assault” weapons would be banned under Warren’s plan, as well as high-capacity magazines and accessories to guns she deems dangerous. Warren would also create a federal licensing system, limiting the number of guns one can buy, and raising the minimum age to buy a gun to 21 across the board.


To no one’s surprise, Warren’s plan also includes raising taxes. She would raise taxes on gun manufacturers; 30% rate for guns and 50% for ammunition, more than doubling the current rate for both. The money raised from taxes would go toward gun violence prevention.


One of the most unsettling parts of Warren’s anti-gun rights plan is how she plans to go after Americans she deems guilty of contributing to gun violence. In her plan, criminal liability and jail time would be imposed for gun company CEO’s if any gun produced by them is used in an attack. Choosing to ignore the constitution, Warren is eager to prosecute her enemies.


The radical gun agenda proposed by Elizabeth Warren and other Democrats is anti-second amendment and anti-constitutional. What does raising taxes and prosecuting CEO’s have to do with preventing gun violence? Warren should be ashamed for using the tragedies of El Paso and Dayton to push her socialist agenda.


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