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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) spoke out against Biden’s open borders after a father of four children was murdered by an illegal alien who was released via Biden’s open border policies. 

Biden’s border policies have created a massive public safety concern for many Americans, and according to DeSantis it has cost at least one American their life.  “There was a tragic situation. One of the illegals that Biden flew in committed a murder in Florida recently and that individual would be alive if Biden had not been doing this,” DeSantis said.  


Biden has erased many policies initiated by former president Donald Trump that did not allow for release of illegal migrants.  The Biden policies allow millions of migrants to enter the United States and resettle all across the country.  Americans are concerned about the border as recent polls indicate that over 54% of Americans believe Biden is “creating an open border.”  


The tragedy concerning the Florida resident is one example of how an open border can create immense safety concerns for all Americans.  There are thousands of communities that will be impacted by the waves of migrants entering the country. 


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