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Republican Governor Ron DeSantis announced Friday that he would be ending common core in the state of Florida, and would instead be making new standards. Governor DeSantis’ decision puts to rest the Obama-era education standards that applied a “one size fits all” approach to education.


Florida is replacing Common Core with common sense. Common Core was introduced in 2010 as a nationwide initiative to apply a national standard and approach to state education.


It was a policy championed by former President Barack Obama. It was just one of the ways in which he pushed for more big government intrusion in not just local & state education, but in the daily lives of all Americans. It was also a policy that allowed for less school choice.


Common Core has been criticized for how ineffective it is. Instead of focusing on just getting the “right answer,” Common Core focuses on how the student arrives at the answer. What it ends up being are confusing tactics and methods for not just students, but for teachers too.


That’s why Florida decided it was time to end Obama’s big government education program. At his press conference Friday, DeSantis discussed his Florida’s new approach to education. “When I took office, I made a pledge to the citizens of Florida to overhaul our educational standards to remove all vestiges of Common Core and return to the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic.”


Now four years removed from former President Barack Obama’s last day in office, it is clear what bit of “legacy” he had is being ripped to shreds or thrown out. His infamous Iran Deal was abandoned, the Paris Climate Agreement was left by the U.S., Obamacare was one Senator away from being repealed, and now Common Core is being tossed too.


President Trump is tossing out Obama’s liberal, big government legacy and Making America Great Again. It’s crucial we make sure this year that a Democrat doesn’t win the White House and that conservative values continue to be fostered across the country. If you’re in, sign this petition today!