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In his short time so far as president, Donald Trump has made enormous progress. He passed historic tax cuts, strengthened the border, and has put America first. On Wednesday, Nancy Pelosi and her socialist allies decided to undermine the president and do what little they could to undo the results of the 2016 election.




In what was supposed to be a bipartisan vote, the Democrats found themselves no allies across the aisle. What ended up was a complete partisan witch hunt; one that American voters will not forget.


Congressman Michael Cloud perfectly described the Democratic corruption in a tweet Wednesday evening. “Despite unfair and, even at times, secret hearings, this impeachment investigation uncovered no evidence that the president committed impeachable offenses. This is a single-party effort in Congress to remove a sitting president.”


Wednesday’s impeachment vote in the House of Representatives was never about Trump and Ukraine. It was about the Democrats disgusting obsession with removing President Trump from office. Adam Schiff and other House Democrats conducted the investigation in top-secret rooms in the basement of the Capitol, not on the floor of the House.


The Democrats accused President Trump of obstruction of justice and obstruction of Congress, but the Democrats have been the party of obstruction. They pledged to someday repeal the historic tax cuts, to not allow for a border wall, and have never worked with the president to make the country better.


We cannot continue to allow politicians that hate America and its values continue to be elected. Democrats want to shove their leftist agenda down the throats of Americans, and it starts with removing President Trump from office. Don’t let them- donate to Americans United for Values today! All donations will be used to fight for our American Values in 2020 and beyond!