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In 2019, having a period and going through the menstrual cycle is something that men can go through too. That is, according to the left. Proctor & Gamble brand Always is removing the feminine Venus symbol from all its menstruation products after social justice warriors decried their labeling for not being inclusive to all genders.


The transgender community praised the decision, as a popular activist publication expressed support on Twitter. “Well done to @Always for making sure your packaging is inclusive. We’ve read the Daily Mail article about it and we’re quite frankly worried for the women whose sense of self is so fragile that the removal of a symbol from a packet of sanitary towels makes them feel ‘erased.’”


Apparently, the fact that men can’t go through the menstrual cycle is now a controversial statement. The left has lost their absolute minds. There are two genders, men can’t give birth, and men can’t go through the menstrual cycle. Isn’t the left supposed to be the side that relies only on science?


Always was facing backlash on social media prior to the decision because women who claimed they were men felt they were being discriminated against. No one asks what gender you are when you purchase such products. LGBT activists decried Always for using such a controversial image: a feminine Venus symbol.


The values that have guided this country for years are starting to be lost. You can’t say the word “God” in any public setting, prayers are labeled as useless, and the basic agreement that there are only two genders is now labeled as being discriminatory.


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