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Chief White House medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci went back on his own words that “you cannot force someone to take a vaccine” saying it will take “many many” more mandates to control the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.


Fauci appreard in an interview at the National Lesbian and Gay journalists Accoication and said that “you got to go to the alternatives” if more people do not become vaccinated voluntarily.  Fauci is advocating for the control of personal and private medical conditions by the Federal government.  President Joe Biden trusts these opinions enough to place Dr. Fauci in his immediate advisor board.  


Fauci has claimed to respect the freedoms of Americans, but these mandates that he is suggesting are completely contrary to this statement.  It is safe to say that Fauci advocated for the massive mandates against federal workers and others  by President Joe Biden. Additionally, there are more insane mandates to come if the President and Fauci have their way.  


The Biden administration is completely out of touch with the American public.  Many reasonable people do not feel comfortable getting vaccinated, and they cannot respect these individuals.  The vaccination goal of 70% by July 4th set by Joe Biden is one more campaign promise he has not fulfilled. 


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