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 Venezuelan citizens live in extreme poverty, hunger, and with hyperinflation.  These were caused by Socialist policies that were implemented by Venezuelan government.  Democrats such as Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez want to implement the same type of Socialist regulations.  The regulations would lead to the United States moving into the same type of economic turmoil that is being suffered by Venezuela
Venezuelan citizens are forced to rise up and retake their country from this government.  This has caused doctors to operate on numerous citizens that have been injured throughout the revolt.  Inflation in Venezuela is up to 1.3 Million percent, making their currency worthless.  Venezuelan government also outlawed guns in 2012, making the revolution nearly impossible.  Venezuelan government is broken and their Socialist ideals could
Democrats want to place some of the same types of policies in place in the United States, and it can lead to a tyrannous regime.  The proposed Green New Deal would limit the energy industry and create a lack if free economic procedure that is required in order to thrive.  These Democrats claim that this policy is more similar to Western European countries and less similar to Venezuela.  This is untrue because of the limiting laws on wages and economic freedom that these industries will not be able to operate with under this new deal.
Venezuelan citizens used to enjoy economic freedom and were able to eat well.  These freedoms have been ripped away from Venezuelan citizens by the implementation of Socialist policy.  These policies have sunk Venezuelan industry, killed their currency, and ruined the lives of millions of citizens.  These citizens are in uprising against this tyrannous government without proper weapons, and they are more in danger than ever before.
United States Democrats want to lead the American people into this life.  They want to limit industry and spend far too much on publically funded welfare programs.  We need to stand against liberals that want to destroy the economic systems that America has been built on.