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Season’s Greetings & Happy Holidays seem to be the only “Politically Correct” Christmas phrases accepted nowadays! Liberals are always looking for ways to disrupt tradition and make our nation more secular. This year, they continue their War on Christmas with more “anti-Christmas” language in an effort to ruin our Christian celebration!


The sensitive liberals try year after year to ban a phrase that is deemed “offensive” to Americans– Merry Christmas! What’s funny though is they’re only offending themselves. The Public Religion Research Institute found that the majority of Republicans — 67% — think stores should continue to greet customers with Merry Christmas, instead of choosing more general greetings in December.


Even Nancy Pelosi has to remember to censor herself! Last week at a press conference outside the White House, she quickly corrected herself after accidentally saying Christmas present. “Should, unfortunately, the president choose to shutdown the government, so that we have a Trump Shut Down as a Christmas present — a holiday present —  to the American people…”


Don’t worry, Nancy, you can feel free to say Merry Christmas on White House grounds because our President and Vice President respect Christians and all celebrations of faith — unlike your progressive, left-wing voters.


Last year, President Trump tweeted: People are proud to be saying Merry Christmas again. I am proud to have led the charge against the assault of our cherished and beautiful phrase. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!


Conservatives are fed up with liberals trying to make everything PC! America doesn’t believe in censorship and it’s dangerous to oppress ideas. Why do the liberals deem what’s appropriate and not appropriate to say during our religious celebration? America was built on differing ideas and a freedom of expression – especially when that expression relates to religious beliefs.


This Christmas, exercise your freedom of speech by wishing all the liberals you know a Merry Christmas!  If they say a secular greeting back, there is still some good news! The word “Holiday” comes from the Old English language, meaning “Holy Day.” So while the PC liberals are bustling around this December saying Happy Holidays, we all know they’re really wishing us a happy, holy season.


Merry Christmas to all Americans from AUV! We wish everyone a blessed and joyous season!