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CNN writer Harry Enten released an article entitled “Why is Biden Flailing” that focuses on the shortcomings of President Joe Biden and his failure to keep the confidence of Americans.  


This article comes shortly after the president has received record low approval ratings and record high inflation.  He is losing the confidence of that ultra left CNN which almost exclusively releases positive news for Democrats.  Additionally, the article states that Biden’s economic policy has “noticeably declined” in the past six months.  


OVer 60 percent of Americans believe that inflation is a major issue and that Joe Biden is not focusing enough on it.  Biden has spent the first year of his presidency focusing more on far-left social issues that rarely affect the lives of Americans.  It has become increasingly more expensive to live in the United States.  


Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan is a massive failure in the results that Americans have seen since his election.  It has led to record high inflation, a very weak job market, and a massive rise in the cost of living.  The left is losing confidence in the president and they are beginning to regret the decision to elect Biden in 2020. 


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