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Mexican Cartels have been a worry for the United States for many years. They have been directly responsible for drug and human trafficking that has lead to countless deaths in the United States. Recently, Mexican officials have seen escalating violence on the path to the United States border. Most recently there were 9 people struck with gunfire in a shootout between Mexican Police and cartel members.

These types of interactions will not end and will continue to push into our soil. The escalation of constant drug law violation and death should be a primary concern for all Americans. This emphasizes the need for a strong border wall. This wall will allow our Border Patrol to effectively police the Mexican border and keep the crime out of our country.

There is a growing concern that the Cartel violence would lead to an increased immigration by Mexican citizens. These people would look to infiltrate our economy and take jobs from American citizens. This lawbreaking would also increase the amount of drug use and the ability of Mexican drug smugglers to get into the United States.

President Trump has outlined a plan to deal with the Mexican Cartels and the Illegal immigration crisis. This would be through the construction and maintenance of a strong southern border wall and homeland procedures to address the safety of our citizens. These would be increased raids and deportations so that we can develop a country that is full of US citizens and people that have permission to live in our great land.

President Trump has always stood for the men and women of the United States and has never sympathized with lawbreakers. He places a large emphasis on the growth and development of our economy and the need to maintain our safety. Through cartel and Illegal Immigration crackdowns we will make our borders safer and our lives more secure. President Trump has the perfect attitude toward Mexican Cartels and Illegal Immigrants and he will never go easy on them!


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