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Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) claims that all illegal aliens must have a path to obtain permanent citizenship and voting rights.  This would effectively give citizenship to 11-22 million illegal aliens around the country.  Warren has continuously shown that she is more willing to provide rights for illegal migrants than taxpaying citizens.


Warren also vowed that if she were elected that she would increase the flow of immigration to allow millions of foreign nationals into the United States per year.  Warren’s immigration plan would also focus on adding jobs for migrants, effectively taking these positions away from Americans.


Immigration law has been criticized for being too loose, but recent changes in policy has allowed ICE and border patrol agencies to increase effectiveness.  These border agencies would be stripped of all effectiveness under Warren’s leadership, and immigration would become a free-for-all.


Warren and other Democratic leaders are looking to hand out citizenship and voting rights to these migrants to create a larger base of liberal voters.  Warren’s immigration plan would increase the Immigrant population to more than 15 percent of the total American population.


Elizabeth Warren and other Democratic nominees are doing everything they can to give the United States to illegal migrants.  Americans United for Values supports American citizens over foreign nationals.  Democrats like Warren want to increase immigration so it outpaces American population growth.  Show your support for strong immigration control by signing up for updates from Americans United for Values today!


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